In 202x AD, the world has become a desolate place. Dark smog has covered the sky so that no sunlight can penetrate. The continent's energy supply has become totally dependent on the polluting energy source Oncos, solely supplied by the all-powerful Pantheos family megacorporation who reside on their private floating island.

There are rumours that the compay has internally developed a new, clean energy source. Meanwhile Helios, the former heir to the company, returns to Pantheos HQ from a five-year unexplained disappearance.

Battle through 3 distinctive levels to settle bad blood as Helios delves deeper into the Pantheos' lair to retrieve the mysterious energy source!


Use arrow keys to move your ship

Hold left shift while moving to move slower

Use X and S to wiggle the back of your ship to dodge bullets (or C and D if you have long fingers)

Only the back of your ship is fragile - so focus on your rear!


Ideation: lionbark, wobble

Gameplay: wobble

Programming: wobble

Dialogue: lionbark

Music (Title/Main theme): lionbark

Art: lionbark

Boss and Level music kindly supplied from Universal Production Music Logo inspired from

UPM_CHAP521_166_A_Tale_Of_Heroes_Underscore_Bedford_1433487 UPM_CHAP521_171_Destiny_Awaits_Backing_Vocals_Only_Bedford_1433508 UPM_CHAP521_188_An_Uncertain_Fate_Backing_Vocals_Only_Bedford_1433513 UPM_CHAP521_189_An_Uncertain_Fate_Backing_Vocals_Only_Bedford_1433514 UPM_CHAP521_190_An_Uncertain_Fate_Backing_Vocals_Only_Bedford_1433515 UPM_ICON35_173_Crunch_Time_Instrumental_Coker_1332872

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