Pancake the cat's birthday is coming up, but her cake is not ready! Distract the firemen from rescuing her from her favourite tree spot by setting fire to the town.


Prevent the firemen from rescuing Pancake in her tree by setting houses on fire.

Use the arrow keys to move

Press ctrl to set things on fire

An ignited house will lose health gradually until it turns into rubble

Firemen will move away from Pancake’s tree to try to save an ignited house

A rescued house will be wet and non ignitable for a short time

Press shift to place kindling

Kindling flames will spread to neighbouring kindling and houses

Stall the firemen until the oven timer runs down in order to pass a level!


Made with Godot, Krita and LMMS

Ideation: lionbark, wobble

Programming: wobble

Sound and Music: lionbark

  • Gameplay: original arrangement
  • David Bowie - Cat People (Putting out the fire)
  • Taio Cruz - Dynamite
  • Ellie Goulding - Burn

    Art: lionbark

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